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06/11/10 05:01 PM #3    

Laura Watson (Parsons)

I just walked around at MHS and it does not even look like the same school.  What a difference 45 years made.  HA

Yes, a big thank you to everyone who is working so hard to put this reunion together.  You are doing a super great job. 

I am very excited Janice Dewberry said she will attend the reunion, too!

Ron, are you related to Larry?  I remember a Larry Roach because he hung around with Tom and Linda Busic and they are good friends of mine.  Somehow I can not put a face to your name? 


06/13/10 12:44 PM #4    


Ron Roach

Larry is my older brother. Tom and Linda were friends of mine as well.  As far as my face goes, it's particularly forgettable.  I'll show it to you at the reunion.

08/13/10 05:03 PM #5    

Laura Watson (Parsons)

Just to let you know, Navaho is "Navaho" with no last name.  He will be attending the reunion and if you would like to contact him his phone number is 503-655-9351.  There is only one Navaho!

08/22/10 05:19 PM #6    


Cathy Waldien (Schmidt)

"Navaho" N0-LAST-NAME, must drive the mail carriers Crazy!!!  What a unique idea for going undercover!  Or becoming a high fashion model!  Better yet, a musician! 

Just what did you become?

09/02/10 01:36 PM #7    

Penny Stewart

Wow! I'm impressed with how fast this website came together and all the selfless work that went into it. You did a great job. Thank you Kathy and Eileen. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this event even though I didn't actually graduate from Milwaukie High. I remember and look forward to seeing many of the folks who signed up for this reunion. 45 years, amazing! Penny

09/05/10 08:22 AM #8    


Vance Ginther


Yes, this is a good site.  Thanks for the workers who put it together.  What a fun to see names of people you know from years ago.  Ron Roach, & Navaho.  My wife, Terralee (Page) Ginther was friend with the Busics also.  She actually had a crush on Richard Busic.  We both hope you all have a great reunion.  Sorry we'll miss this one.  We will see you all at the next - the big 50!

09/05/10 10:36 PM #9    


Laurie Neilson (Lee)

Hi all,  I just discovered this message forum and want to add my thanks to Kathie for designing this fabulous website and both Kathie and Eileen for organizing the reunion.  We will all need to figure out a way to keep the website going; it is a valuable tool for this unique group of friends with common memories.  And we need to have a way to get in touch for the 50th reunion!  I'm looking forward to seeing many of you.    Laurie

09/07/10 09:47 PM #10    


Robin Risley

I agree Laurie.

Can we keep this website is such a great way to communicate. I bet we will have even more to share after this weekend.

Thank you Kathie......  a former college roommate.

Eileen sorry to read of your  father's passing. We will keep you in our thoughts.

Sherrill Wing might be riding up with me if she can get away.


09/08/10 09:29 PM #11    


Diana Thompson

Kathie and Eileen,

Thanks for all of your work on this. Doing this is a challenge and you've done a great job.

Eileen, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your father.

See you all soon,




09/12/10 02:41 PM #12    

Candy Bauer (Brandsen)

I can't say enough "thank you's" to Kathie and Eileen!!!  You guys did a wonderful job!!!  The reunion was so much fun...Steve and I had a great time.  It was wonderful to meet up with so many old friends after 45 years.  The reunion was a huge success.  I hope we can keep this web site's a great way to reconnect with people you haven't seen in years.

Once again...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

                                                       Steve & Candy

09/13/10 10:24 AM #13    


Ron Roach

Couldn't agree more.  What a classy event.  What classy people.  We owe you big time.  My only disappointment was the behavior exhibited by Mssrs. Tondreau, Hansen, and Valdivia.  Perhaps we should leave them off the list for the 50th, or control their alcohol intake.  Seriously, it was great to see you all.



09/13/10 10:28 PM #14    


Robin Risley

My mind has been playing over all of the wonderful conversations that I had on Saturday evening.

I regret not having spent more time with everyone...there were so many with whom I didn't have a conversation. 

That makes this website so precious.

Thank you to Eileen and Kathie for all the hard work and Ellen for always being there.

Look forward to the pictures and the Birthday Party in a couple years!

Robin Risley 

09/14/10 10:15 PM #15    


Laurie Neilson (Lee)

Wow, I had the best time!  And my husband Alan enjoyed meeting so many of you.  The food was really good -- especially dessert!  It's cool that we are at an age where we love to reconnect or even make new connections with people who share common roots from school, and we can embrace the grownups that we now are.  So many classmates have suffered major losses and joyful triumphs, developed new talents, and a new need to have meaningful relationships -- and we're still going strong and planning to attend the 50th and beyond.  I have truly enjoyed reading the profiles and seeing pictures.  Please keep adding -- this is much better than Facebook!  Laurie

09/16/10 12:28 PM #16    


Thomas Dietz

I folks,


I had a thought for a website fundraiser.  Texas Hold-em tournaments are a popular way to raise money these days.  In fact, the Putnam Senior party is having one soon. 

I would be willing to help organize a tournament.  I have all the needed accessories and have one table of my own and access to some others.  What do you all think?  If we deal, will they come?

09/16/10 04:13 PM #17    


Laurie Neilson (Lee)

My husband would come to Texas Hold-em!

09/17/10 05:27 AM #18    

Mike Galvin

Deal me in!

09/20/10 08:49 AM #19    


Beverly Klinker (Perttu)

BTW, Kathie and Eileen:  Having the reunion at the "Milwaukie Center", AKA: THE SENIOR CENTER was a nice touch!!  :^)

Ah, well.  Can't fight it.

Beverly Perttu

09/22/10 01:48 PM #20    


Ron Roach

Hey!  It's been brought to my attention that some of you might have taken me seriously about the Valdivia/Tondreau comment.  Trust me, I was not.  You'll remember, it's a mistake to take me seriously about anything.  Sorry.

09/27/10 07:11 AM #21    

Cynthia Davis

Kathie and Eileen, you did such a fine job planning our reunion, a truly wonderful gift to our Class of 1965.  It was a huge undertaking, and your way of bringing us together through the new website, the phone calls, and continuing updates made it fun for all of us from the very start.  Bless you!  I hope you are now enjoying some time at the beach, lunch with friends, fine Oregon wine, or whatever brings you solace.  You have earned it indeed.

It has meant so much to me to have reunited with our classmates.   However, I found it a Total Bummer that our time together was so short!  I should love to have had a long yak and good laugh with each and every one of you.  Yeah, like, should we try something like that speed-dating thing where you rotate conversation partners every three minutes when the bell rings?  Hah.  

It's pretty funny that, as the years go by, fewer and fewer of us actually recognize each other until....the name tag is read (anyone remember to bring their reading glasses?) or someone starts talking and the voice and facial expressions reveal all identity and we carry on as if we are all back in the cafeteria, about 46 years ago.  Good times.

It seems that we are quite an eclectic bunch of characters, each of us having taken a unique path.  Among us, there are those who have lived or traveled all over the globe, raised fascinating families, explored such a broad spectrum of careers, and experienced some enormous challenges along the way.  It's amazing how much ground we all covered in just a few hours.  With that in mind, I hope folks keep contributing to the website.  It's great fun.

It's been over 90 degrees here in the DC area this week.  Egads.  At least the kids (and girls!) can wear shorts and flip-flops to school these days.  Why did we put up having to wear those skirts?  Geesh!

Take care, friends,


P.S.  What the heck is Texas Hold 'em?  I'm from Oregon, never heard of it.  




04/05/11 04:59 AM #22    

Mike Galvin

Would like to see some pictures of former (not old!) classmates who attended the reunion.  Please post!  Thanks

04/10/11 07:12 PM #23    


Ron Roach

Just a quick note...My mother passed away this past Thursday, April 7, 2011.  She was 92.  Mom was a teacher at Riverside School in Oak Grove (3rd & 4th grade) for several years...1969 - 1980.  If anybody had children that knew her, or had her for a teacher, or know someone that did, please pass this along.  We're having her funeral at 2:pm, Wednesday, April 13 at Milwaukie Christian Church at 2:pm.



12/19/14 01:30 PM #24    


Cathy Waldien (Schmidt)

Cynthia, don't forget the girdles to hold up our nylons under the required "skirt not above the knees".  Did you see the ads for kids going to school last summer?  Looked like they came out the Goodwill "sale bin"!  Oh well, so much for dress codes.  We Old-er people can talk about the "good" (?) old days!

BTW, Texas Hold-em is a form of poker that  is easy! wink 

Hey, it's going to be 2015 this year... Are we going to have a reunion? Anyone????

12/20/14 01:40 PM #25    


Laurie Neilson (Lee)

Cathie, you should contact Eileen or kathie --- yes there is a reunion over Labor Day weekend.  Its gonna be a good one!!  Laurie'

12/20/14 01:51 PM #26    


Cathy Waldien (Schmidt)

Thanks Laurie....  Didn't hear about  it. Will contact Kathie!


12/21/14 09:09 AM #27    


Pam Gorman (Barrett)

Sorry I could not make the last reunion, was traveling.  Looks like everyone had a great time.

Look forward to the next one.  


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