Joining This Website !


Following upon Classmates' contact information is extremely difficult as people move, change names, phone books disappear, etc.   So having a website classmates could use to maintain their own contact infroamtion and to share reunion information seemed the way to go. 

As we began to research and plan our new website, it became apparent that many classmates had registered or signed up on various social media sites such as Facebook,  “Class Creators” (who provide the servers and housing of this website) seemed to fit our needs as well as any and provides freedom for a very personalized architecture. It is free of charge to only our classsmates and totally private.  

Even more exciting, because of the generosity of many alumni during our 45th and 50th reunions, the site is paid through 2026.  More decisions on the site's future will need to be made, but for now, thank you so much for helping make this possible. 

August, 2019

Steps to joining

(It's really easy, but printing these instructions before beginning may be helpful.)

To begin, click the Our Class menu button above, scroll down to your high school name and click on it. "Join Here" appears prompting you to "click here now."

Step 1 - Enter your contact information and personal password. You can change the content in any of these pages at any time (please do when something changes)

Step 2 - "Profile Page Details" begins by asking if you are attending the upcoming reunion, moves on to other information about yourself you'd like to share, and then (this step is important) to your privacy preferences. The default status leaves your contact information private, only visible to you and the site administrators (Administrators do not have access to your password – please make a note of it.) 

Step 3 - Instructs you in uploading photos to your personal page.

Step 4 - Select if you wish to track updates in the profiles of others (if they permit doing so).

Step 5 – Simply says you’re done!  That’s it.  Welcome!


Use the Contact Us button to:

  • Advise us of an error in the way your name is reflected here.  
  • Be added as a "Guest Classmate" (usually limited to students in the Class of 1965 who attended Milwaukie, but did not graduate with the class.  
  • Notify us of a classmate who has passed away so as to include that person on the "In Memory" section where classmates may wish to add a remembrance,
  • Advise us on Missing Classmates.  (See NOTE at the bottom of the Home Page)


‚ÄčNOTE:  We can't change the wording for "Last/Maiden Name" and "Married Last Name" questions at this time, but efforts to encourage the site owners to do so is being pursued by several schools.