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Rob Strasser

Rob Strasser

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07/10/15 09:39 AM #1    

Cathy Waldien (Schmidt)

What can we say about Rob?  He was the "sleeper" amoung all of us. Our curly,red haired friend, was funny.  His career took him to great heights.   We were unaware he had any interest in Adidas in high school!

I am sorry that no one wrote on his page. frown Thank you for adding to Rob's page!wink

07/12/15 06:30 PM #2    

Donna Dodson (Anessi)

We attended Ardenwald Grade School together forever. We did not associate in high school, but in later adulthood, he would occasionally appear in my dreams, always as a benevolent character. Sorry he had to leave us so soon.

07/20/15 10:32 AM #3    

Ken Aebi



Robbie and his family were a very important part of my formative years. Robbie's parents were a very big part of a number of many of Rob's friends. They came to my parents restaurant, Chalet L'Abbe, long after high school and my mother gave us reports on how Robbie was doing. 

I had a meeting with Robbie at his office regarding the development of a special shoe that could be worn by nurses and physicians during surgery. I had called his office at Addias to see if he could give us advice on how to develop this product.  Robbie came on the line and said he would love to see me and was interested In the idea for a specialty shoe that could be used in the OR or ER. We scheduled a meeting for the next day.

During  our meeting Robbie could not have been more friendly and welcoming.  As a sales and marketing executive myself I was absolutely captivated at his knowledge and thought processes as he talked about the shoe business. I had spent my whole life in sales and marketing but I was absolutely blown away by Robbie's thought process. He was leaving for a big meeting in Europe with Addias but we planned to meet again when he returned. 

Our meeting never took place.  Robbie died from a heart attack shortly after Addias had asked him to become President of Addias International at the meeting in Europe. I went to the public funeral at the University of Portland. It was a huge memorial and there were thousands in attendance.

He was a very talented business person and very supportive of people he grew up with in Milwaukie. I still think of him often and hope his parents appreciate how important they and Robbie were to our growth. I still miss him and wish he could attend our 50th reunion. Milwaukie was a wonderful community to grow up in because of the Straussers. Ken Aebi


Ken Aebi


07/22/15 07:50 PM #4    

Kathie Barr (Noel-Koellmann)

Wonderful memory, Ken.  And not only was he smart (which we all knew) but, God, Rob was funny. And fearless.  One of those rare people in whose presence one was captive.  Can only imagine what his future might have been.

07/23/15 10:47 AM #5    

Terralee Page (Ginther)

My favorite memory of Rob was on the occasion of his birthday, maybe 17th . Some of his buddies decided to "kidnap" him from his home and bring him to a surprise birthday party that if memory serves me was at Chris Cooper's , not sure of location. The guys came into Rob's home in the presense of his dad, blindfolded and tied his hands and threw him into the back of a car and drove him to the party.  Rob must have been freaking out.  His blindfold was removed to the calls from friends at the party "Surprise! Happy Birthday." The funniest gift, a  knitted  snoze "mitten" was accepted with Rob's well known humor.   

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