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Bill Block

9/19/18    The following email message was the result of an inquiry we had for family information sought by a fellow soldier of Bill's. We passed the request on to class members and are pleased to report positive results. We decided to share this poignant thank you we received in return.  Eileen and Kathie

"This has been a very emotional day.  Started out with a very heartfelt response from Dr. Jim Block, Bill’s older brother by 2 years.  The email address sent to me was indeed a good one.  I could tell he was deeply hurt, not only by the death of his brother, but all the rejection and lack of respect given to those of us who served and came home to a very ungrateful nation, and neighborhood, both the dead and living.

I think he’d love to hear from anyone that served with Bill, but after 50 years this last February 12th, I’m the only one that served with Bill that has reached out to family.  He’s the only living immediate family member.

After struggling through the email, I had to drive to Portland to a VA exam for my “dead” legs.  Typical VA horse crap, they know what causes it but won’t authenticate it because it would mean compensation for so many of us that are truly hurting.  Even the Dr. agreed with me but higher ups don’t!

Enough!  Thank you so much for helping me in this quest.  I almost cried today, and I haven’t done that in many years.

Thanks again and God bless,

Loren Gramson "


 We are grateful to Tom Dietz for providing photos for Bill's Memory Page

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11/11/17 12:25 PM #1    

Thomas Dietz

Milwakie Vietnam Memorial-Dedicated 11-11-2017

11/11/17 01:44 PM #2    

Cathy Waldien (Schmidt)

Thank you

09/23/20 09:35 PM #3    

Ronalee Knepper (Moore)


I only know of the fear, sadness and anger I witnessed as the wife of a man who also served during the time of the vietnam war.  I wondered each day if my loved one was safe and would he be coming home to his family. He also fought for the same ungrateful people and nation. For him he believed with all of his heart his actions were right and justified. He did come home to his loving family as a different person. He brought home all the pain and suffering he had gone through with him. No one can ever understand what you went through. You must know how much I appreciate and respect you for all the pain, for the lack of respect and rejection from an ungrateful nation and an ungrateful neighborhood. You fought for these people by giving the ultimate sacrifice of your life so they could  feel safe in their homes, for their continued freedom, to have the right of free speech to express their feelings of hate, disrespect and ungratefulness of the war. No words can express my feelings and heartfelt thanks to you, your brother, and your family for all you sacrificed so we as a nation can continue living in the comforts of our homes, for our family and friends to love and enjoy. I am eternally grateful.



09/24/20 06:29 AM #4    

Thomas Dietz

Thank you, Ronalee

09/24/20 09:01 AM #5    

Rev. Larry Hansen

Thanks so much for your note, Ronalee.  Even after 50+ years, the memory of that time brings me sadness.  People seem to love it when Johnny goes marching off to war, but they don't want to know him when he returns battered and broken.  This is to the continuing shame of our nation, then as well as now.

Blessings to you and yours. . . .


09/26/20 11:10 AM #6    

Fran Ostlund

Nice comments by all of you. Bill and I were best buddies at Oak Grove grade school and played little league baseball together. Always thought of him as a life long freind. The memories of him still are with me . The Block  family trated me with kindness and respect. Pass along mw kindest thoughts to his brother Jim.

09/27/20 10:28 AM #7    

Kenneth McGahuey


Well said Ronalee, I add my name to the list of disgusted and disappointed people at our nation's response to our military veterans. Bill was one of my "buds" growing up in Oak Grove. Died way too young.


03/15/21 01:20 PM #8    

Thomas Dietz

From the Virutal Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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