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Kathy Russell (Bugamil)

Kathy Russell (Bugamil)

It is with a saddened heart that we must add Kathy's name to this portion of our website. Kathy was loved by many in high school and will be well remembered. Please add your personal comments about Kathy to this page and share in our collected loss.

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05/05/21 04:02 PM #1    

Kathie Perkins (McGahuey)

Looking back at my many memories of growing up in Milwaukie it seems so far away and yet so very close in my heart. Kathy is  fond memory of Milwaukie Grammar school, Milwaukie Junior High school, an of course our Milwaukie High School class of 1965.  Always too many of us kids (baby boomers) and not enough desks or class rooms for us. Kathy was a name which always had too many of us also! When there were too many in the same class we were asked to use our given names so 4 or 5 of us did'nt answer at the same time:). Kathleen, Kathryn, Cathy, Kathie, you get the picture! In grammar school Kathy and I were in home room classes together. I have fond memories of All of the Kathy's and our various spellings.  I have SOOO many wonderful memories of each class mate over the years.  Field trips, music concerts, prison ball (Kathy was a tough competitor) . Slumber parties at the Hamlin's in junior high school. Swimming lessons at the city pool in milwaukie.  Slumber parties at Nancy Samuels. Don't know why they are called slumber parties when NO one sleeps. High school was a new adventure when EVERYONE from ALL of the area schools created the largest graduating class to EVER graduate from Milwaukie High School. THE CLASS OF 1965!  YEP, still too many of us.  Fun loving overachievers who did their best to be all that we could be. Kathy Russell was one of them. Cheer leader, class officer, (a little known secret). Kathy loved to watch wrestling. Who knew she would turn into the the little old lady who sat in the front row with with a bull horn and a hat pin:):). No kidding!  After high school Kathy attended the same dental school training courses that I did and was hired at the dentist I worked for  in milwaukie (I put in a strong recommendation for her) when I went to work for North Clackamas Schools Districts main Office. Her career in dental offices had begun. Ken and I played cards and board games with Kathy and Ron when we were all living in the Oak Grove area. Our paths would cross and friendship would rekindle. Knowing Kathy I am sure she was an excellant daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend to MANY.  Throughout my growing up memories Kathy is always there. As MANY others are also..This is not good bye Kathy but "UNTILL WE MEET AGAIN".  Love you .  Kathie and Ken

05/06/21 01:38 PM #2    

Rev. Larry Hansen

Thank you for your remembrance, Kathie.  I think the last time you, Ken and I saw each other was at Bob Buckley's funeral 16 years ago.  I hope we can see each other at the reunion in August.

Best wishes,


05/08/21 03:25 PM #3    

Nancy Samuels (Centen)

I had the good fortune of having known Kathy since we were four years old.  We lived only two blocks away from each other and shared a childhood full of sleepovers, playing with dolls, climbing trees, roller skating, sledding and raiding the refrigerator for cheese and pickle sandwiches.  I'm sure that her mom, "Tweet", thought we were bottomless pits.  We shared the typical life experiences of two young girls growing into their high school years at which time many of our conversations centered around the subject of "boys".  Along the way, when asked, we helped Tweet take care of Kathy's younger twin brothers, Jeff and Jim.  With five kids at home, it was definitely a full house!

As kids, our more mischievous side sometimes would find us throwing rocks at a particular neighborhood street light after dark until we were scolded by the same "cranky" neighbor lady.  And, try as we may, we never could break that glass!  Then there was the time when we heisted a couple of my grandmother's cigarettes, sneaked into the woods behind Kathy's house and practically coughed ourselves blue in the face thinking it was the "cool" thing to do.  Just a couple of curious 12 year-olds hunkered down in those woods surrounded by skunk cabbage - probably a befitting outcome for that early experience!  Lesson well learned!

Kathy was also a fierce competitor when it came to sports of any kind - you never wanted to find yourself running next to her in a relay race at Milwaukie Jr. High.  She really knew how to burn up that field!

Kathy was a bridesmaid at my wedding as we stayed in touch into our adult years exchanging birthday and Christmas cards and, as time allowed, getting together to "catch-up" and reminisce.  She was thoughtful, caring and funny and was a wonderful mother to Antonio, Luciano and Angie.  We lost contact during recent years as her sister, Judy, told me that Kathy was having memory issues.

I will always cherish our friendship and all of the good times and adventures that we experienced together - Heaven has received a special angel!  Rest in peace, sweet girl.  Love ya, Nancy Samuels

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