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Bob Buckley

Bob Buckley

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04/09/15 08:19 PM #1    

Kathie Perkins (McGahuey)

Bob transferred to Milwaukie High school from Jesuit High School our Junior year.

(Ken McGahuey)  I have great memories of playing both football and baseball with Bob. Bob was an outstanding running back on offense and a ferocious hitter as a defensive back on our football team. Pound for pound, Bob was as tough a player as I have ever played with. In baseball, Bob played shortstop and led the team in stolen bases and batting average. We also played American Leagion Baseball  together in the summers. When we had to travel to away games, I remember riding with him in his 55 Chevy, HIS PRIDE AND JOY! Years later, I used to see Bob at the Westwood Thriftway Shopping Center and we would always end up talking about the great memories we had  playing football for "Mouse Davis". I remember Bob telling me one of the greatest moments he had as a parent was when he had the opportunity to take his two sons to meet Coach Davis. 

(Kathie Perkins McGahuey) Bob and I lived in the same neighborhood in high school.  We had a couple of classes together and we were voted Boy and Girl of the month together our senior year. Our conversations were always about some guy named Ken and some wonderful play THEY made in the sport they were playing THIS week.(: Our paths crossed again as neighbors in the Westwood area of Milwaukie. We were always running into him and his wife and 2 sons while we were riding bikes with our kids. Several classmates had settled into the area .  28 years of GOOD memories.

As the years went by Bob and I were both challenged with our health. We kept Bob in our prayers. One afternoon Bob came to our house and asked Ken and I for prayer. He had cancer. He had just returned from Lourdes, France, where he visited the shrine and had prayed for a miracle. He followed his faith to a place of miracles and it had profoundly touched him.  We prayed, cried and shared our hearts with each other. We were so blessed that he would allow us to share our love for him.Later,while Bob was in hospice care, another classmate, (now) Father Larry Hanson, was ministering to Bob!  Remembering high school memories, Larry asked Bob if there was any classmates he wanted to see. He asked to see Ken. Larry contacted Ken and I and asked us to come, ASAP.  We said, absolutely!  Before we could get there, Bob went on to be with the Lord.  Larry officiated Bob's memorial service. We were honored to be there to remember our classmate, and our brother in the Lord. OUR FRIEND.  We will see you in Heaven, Bob.

04/10/15 09:02 AM #2    

Rev. Larry Hansen

Thank you, Kathy and Ken, for your remembrances.  I remember the day that Bob checked into Hopewell House. When I recognized him, I made a little joke and said, "Bob, we have to quit meeting like this."  It had probably been almost 40 years since we had seen each other.  Bob was perhaps the absolute opposite of me during our high school years.  He was a jock, he had lots of friends: I was not and did not.  But he did recognize me and we had an opportunity to talk for awhile.  

Early that evening, I went back into his room. We visited a little more and we prayed together.  I was off to a Spanish class across the street at Wilson High School and I told him I'd check back on him before I left for home.  When I returned to Hopewell House about three hours later, I discovered that he had died.  I will always treasure the short time we had together that evening.

Bob's wife honored me by asking that I preside at his memorial service, a high school "reunion" of a different kind for sure.  As Kathy noted, she and Ken were there, as were Bob and Ken Valdivia and I'm sure others whom my weak mind can't find in the labyrinth of my brain.  It was a great privilege for me to be able to be with Bob and his family during those sacred days, as well as a humbling reminder that, in some ways, I--and all of us--were entering into a new phase of life.

As the years have progressed and the losses of loved ones in my own life have begun to add up, I am increasingly invited to reflect on the transitory--and gifted--nature of Life itself.  In 1969, Paul Simon wrote "How terribly strange to be seventy," a line from a song entitled "Old Friends."  That song has a sharper edge for me today than it did 46 years ago, but the sharp edges of my adolescent angst and alienation have been "sanded off" by the passage of time, and I look forward to seeing folks at our reunion in September.  I hope the same is true for all of us.

Best wishes,


04/10/15 06:15 PM #3    

Cathy Waldien (Schmidt)

So sad to hear of Bob's passing and that none of the three of you were there at that moment in time.  Bob was always the very special guy on our team.  He was also very nice.  My hearts just breaks that he won't be at the reunion.  But he will be at the heavenly reunion of all of us!  Peace be with you Bob.

04/11/15 07:31 AM #4    

Mike Galvin

Very nice comments from all of you. Bob was an excellent ball player and all around good guy.  He used to cause some anxious moments for Wilkins with his agressiveness on the basepaths, but was far more successful than not. Last contact I had with Bob was just after our 1965 season ended and we met with Roy Love at Portland State to discuss playing ball there.  Bob was a good citizen, terrific athlete and a fun guy to be around.

Regards to all,

Mike Galvin

04/12/15 02:22 PM #5    

Bob Bovey

I,too, am sorry to hear of Bob's passing.  It is good to know that such special people as Ken, Kathie, and Larry had some contact with him near the end.  Bob was a great guy and will be missed.  I remember him on the football team and in Boys League.  Best wishes to all and see you at the Reunion. 

04/12/15 03:28 PM #6    

Nancy Bryan (Wilson)

I knew Bob before he came to Milwaukie. We dated for a year when we were freshmen and sophomores. We met at St John's youth group. He was a nice, kind person. I used to attend the football games at Jesuit High with his parents. While we weren't close when he transferred to Milwaukie, I spent an evening with him in late 1966 before I moved to California and we had a great time. I saw his name on the memorial list before the 45th reunion and was very sad about that. I am glad to know he had a family and imagine they miss him terribly.

Nancy (Bryan) Wilson

04/12/15 04:57 PM #7    

Dave Smith

  I have enjoyed reading the comments of those of you who have been close to Bob in recent years. Although having moved many times since our graduation has provided many opportunities and benefits to our family it also has had the downside of not having been able to develop friendships with classmates that were started when we were in school.

  When I read of Bob's passing two memories came to mind. One was of how much of a gentleman Bob was and how he was an example to the rest of us of hard work and good sportsmanship. The other memory seems a bit irreverent at a time like this but it has to do with how much I enjoyed playing football with Bob. He was my favorite target to pass to and usually made me look good by reeling in any pass in his neighborhood.
  I can remember the details of only a couple of our games but I clearly remember one particular play. We were playing Central Catholic at home. Central was always tough and we fully expected to have a hard fight on our hands. Leading 12 - 0 with only enough time remaining in the first half for one more play, Coach Davis sent in a play to use Bob's talents. He was to be the only receiver. Everyone was told to block while Bob ran a "Go" pattern (streak straight for the end zone). The play went flawlessly; Bob made a great catch on the dead run and scored! We were so excited to go into the locker at half time leading 19 - 0. (However, we lost 20 - 19!)

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